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What is your dining preference?

Near Touchless Dining

Pre-order, reservation and payment in our separated dining room. A single wait person, in appropriate CV19 PPE, is dedicated to this room and will not depart the room. Food and drinks will be brought to your table from your pre-ordered menu.

Upon arrival you will be directed to the separate dining room without any interaction with staff.

Main Dining

Select your table anywhere in our main dining room. Full menu is available and services is more traditional though utilizing full CV19 protocols.

Outside Dining

Select your table anywhere in our outside patio. Full menu is available and wait staff will follow all current CV19 protocol. No reservation - no problem, we are happy to serve you in our main dining room or outdoor patio.

Or...Order Online

For to-go/pick-up or delivery within the 98038 zip code. To-go orders can be picked up through a separate entry and with minimal contact. Delivery is touchless: order and pay online, driver leaves your order on your doorstep with a simple text and picture to notify you your food has arrived.